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Nikon D5 "official" specs leaked
2/ 1/5th of the megapixels (2D).  Only less than 1/10th less resolution.

Are we expecting one camera to do everything? This is a camera with a certain target buyer in mind. It doesn't need to do everything.

I went through the same process when the Canon 7D2 came out. To me, falling in the intended target zone, it was like Christmas. To the gadget/feature crowd, they were asking where everything was, totally missing the point. That's not to say I wouldn't say no to more stuff, but at the end of the day I'd rather it do one job well, than for them to cram in many functions and do a bit of everything not so well.
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Quote:Wow, that is cheap. Thanks.


I have always been annoyed at just how expensive the MC-36A is.

I have both the MC-36A as well as a cheap Chinese clone. I can't comment on low temperatures, unfortunately, but I have used both successfully in high temperatures (time-lapse shooting on a 35° day, on a flat roof).

The MC-36 can sometimes be purchased used on eBay for a little more reasonable prices than new ones.

-- Markus

Legality. If it is longer than 30 second it is classified as a video camera and import costs are much higher....


Quote:In 2016 is there a sensible reason why top-end cameras are still limited to 30 seconds?

I want to be able to dial in say 10 minutes, go for a coffee/walk whatever and come back whenever.

I like the 20MP, however. Good compromise between low-light and enough pixels.
The limit is not 30 seconds Wink Don't confuse seconds with minutes.


It also has nothing to do with "legality" - it's just higher import fee.

  • Regular sensitivity highest ISO 102400. Extended sensitivity is highest in Hi5 ISO 3280000
Nuckin' futs.  :blink: The ISO numbers are the new megapixels.  Rolleyes
Quote:Nuckin' futs.  :blink:

ROTFL... Rover, please, I spilled my coffee, look at that mess!

Include some warning tags next time, please Smile

-- Markus

Yessir.  :ph34r:

There's a report of one of the prototype "test drivers" - stunning:

What better proof is there of a camera's capabilities than the images it produces?


  There are some truly astounding images here!
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