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Next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM | A ("Art")
Markus, do you anticipate 24-35 f2 any time soon?
I googled a bit about this "weather sealing" and there are some hot debates around in the net. Top was a quote I found when Nikon US or UK claimed "all of our lenses are weather sealed and can be used in light rain" The post was from 2011 and Nikon's mail might be older. Trying to follow the link in the comments section lead to an empty page.


In your original test of the 24-120 you wrote about "dust and moisture protection" and I'm fine with that. Upgrading it in the Sigma review to weather sealing - I have to disagree, because sealing to me means tight and at normal pressure range nothing gets in. However, I'm sorry I have been so harsh in my first reply.


If you're going on with other Sigma reviews, I will remain quiet about that non-feature, Sigma doesn't need to be defended. They just keep going to make nice glass. They don't have that gasket, period. If I'm using my lenses in light rain or not, it's my problem.


I'd also be interested if the 24-35/2 can replace two primes (I think somebody who got an 24 and 35 will not get a 28, too).


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