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Next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM | A ("Art")
Quote:I don't know where you get your street prices
Quote:but the ones I did my research tell me not your 10%.
I didn't write "10", I wrote "closer to 10 than to 20".

Quote:While you just write: "The Nikkor's VR is equal to 4 stops"
No, I didn't. And thankfully you put the whole quote where I did not write this below this wrong statement.

Quote:If you say 3 stops are easily possible, it reads like with luck the fourth as well. Not my findings.
But mine. Anyway, allow me to quote myself: "Actual results will vary depending on the photographer, of course."

Quote:What you're saying about the sealings I consider as the blurry talk a lot of reviewers come up with. Nobody actually did a comparison, how long which lens withstands which kind of weather. Hmmm, maybe I suggest Kai Wong to destroy a couple of lenses? Huh  Talking about such a feature needs a basis to discuss. My point is, Nikon doesn't use the "weather sealing" term in any of their lens descriptions. Why not? For sure not because the seals are useless, but because their warranty would have to deal with it.
Quote:I agree with the results in terms of optical performance and value. The biggest non-agreement I have with you in terms of weather resistance. My impression is, that you testers at PZ trust Nikon more than Nikon itself. Have you seen Roger Cicalas teardown of the Sigma 35/1.4? Tiny rubber ring in front was also a kind of seal. Although Sigma clearly only stated their "Sports" series as weather- and dust- resistant. So, it's not "nothing" they do. They just don't pretend to have weather protection. As Nikon doesn't, either. It's only the testers totally convinced about that feature. Oh, and about 5 million forum readers  Rolleyes .
I have no idea why you're so upset about this minor feature... especially, since all I wrote in the Nikkor review is: "There're seals for dust and moisture protection." That's all. Where's the beef to justifiy such a rage? Maybe I just missed the pointed, but to me it's quite simple: the Nikkor has some seals (which doesn't mean it's water or ugly-weather-proof), the Sigma has not. Or at least Sigma doesn't claim it to have.

-- Markus


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