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next PZ lens test report - Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM ART
Klaus, I don't know, honestly. On one hand it's consistent to base the ratings on MTFs. On the other hand the lens can do some tricks others can't, at least according to the shots I made with it so far.


I don't think it's 1 ½ ★ worse than the Nikon. The Canon 11-24/4(!) got "no rating at this stage". Meanwhile the Sigma "at this stage" got a rating at 50MP and if you check the MTF, the corners of the Canon at 14/4 are worse, the center and borders slightly better and no MTF at close center. Hmm.


Do what you like as a rating, it's no problem for me to keep the feeling this rating is not doing justice to a lens like that - I have no better suggestion. And besides of any ratings, the lens works the way I was hoping for - I am not Sigma, I can enjoy a "badly" rated lens without being afraid about bad sales.  Big Grin


It is due to it's weight and size anyway no lens one just throws in the photo bag. It is highly debatable if an UWA zoom like the Nikkor or the Canon, even the Sigma 12-24/4 is not a better idea at the end, all are "more versatile". I bought it for low light and for bokeh at closer distances with more background than usual - there's no real alternative to it, but I also don't find it perfect. For landscapes in sunlight I'd prefer it to the Nikkor. For architectural "inside a room" views the Nikkor offers a better package.


But you see, there's a lot more than just MTFs which (might) matter for people interested in it. I think, the best recommendation is "rent one and see if it works for you".


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next PZ lens test report - Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM ART - by JJ_SO - 11-22-2017, 12:18 AM

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