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next PZ lens test report - Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM ART
Quote:In essence - you want us to process images in a way that no user would do out there ... sorry - won't happen.

If you think that the charts would "look" any different - hardly - we would simply adjust the scale accordingly.

Yes, the numbers would be different but the numbers ... well ...


I can only repeat again that we tune reference images to neutral sharpness which Imatest identifies are neither over- nor undersharpened. That amount is less than the default sharpening.
No, i want the lenses to be tested, and not some specific sensor or a specific idea of post processing or choice of RAW converter.

In case of the in this thread mentioned Canon 11-24mm, a user would convert the image with DPP4 and its lens profile, getting much better sharpness in the corners than your USM mask sharpening in your MFT PP.

The argument that you sharpen because a user would do that does not fly. 


Would the chart look different? Yes, of course it would. Like JoJu and I have pointed out, the 21mp and 50mp Sigma 14mm f1.8 "charts" do show the issue (the 21mp test gets a higher MFT score than the 50mp test, same lens...). Without the sharpening, the 21mp wide open corner would have a less high bar than it has now. And the difference between sharp figures and less sharp figures would be way less pronounced in the 50mp charts. You will see less of a hump in the charts.


Run a test run for this Sigma without sharpening, and put in next to the results you get now, just to get an idea of how the sharpening gets skewed twice, in regards to lower resolution tests.


And the Imatest software anyway can't distinguish between fake ("enhanced") sharpness from pixel edges, and and actual sharpness, can it? That then poses an issue that is not under your control.

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