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Next lens review: Tamron SP 35mm f/1.8 Di USD VC (DX)
Quote:"Not OK" for the bokeh fringing examples........"the FX review shot is a different shot from the DX" !!...... Queen image (and the other one)...........either that or you have been doodling over them with a purple and green felt tip!
Ah, ok, we're talking about different shots, then. I thought you were referring to the ruler shots in the Bokeh fringing section.

The Bokeh shots are of course done with each camera.

Quote: Also I can't find the FX review in the Nikon FX section.
Sorry, the "All reviews" page and the pages for individual sections are out of sync. The overview page of all reviews once became that big that it couldn't be edited anymore. I'll update the overview page later tonight.

Meanwhile, just go to the page listing all Nikon FX reviews. Or see the corresponding thread here in the forum.


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