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Nikon FF mirrorless being planned?

I think all major players have mirrorless models on paper at least...
I don't think Fuji has FF mirrorless models on paper, and I have not yet seen any Canon FF mirrorless lens patent yet...

A Tilt /Shift lens for mirror-less?

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According to the Japanese website, a lens for mirrorless (not enough flange distance for DSLR). Earlier there was a patent for a 28-80mm FF mirrorless lens.

Once Nikon and Canon will release their serious mirrorless systems (and they will), it'll be interesting to see how fast the DSLR market will collapse.


Sony's DSLR system was actually very decent but nobody is talking about that one anymore. History will repeat itself once more.

Nobody is blogging about anymore would be more accurate in my experience. I am talking with Sony owners (hell, I even talk to Canon owners if I have to Big Grin ) and all of them are well aware they are probably investing in a dead end because if Sony likes they change the mount again - and that is bad for investment.


But Leica did sort of the same? Within the Leica universe.


The collapsing DSLR market will be fun to watch. To me, my switch to mirrorless will be depending on battery life and ergonomics of a new camera. I'd see it as expectable that "old lenses" will be supported for some years, so here I don't see an issue. But taking the mirror away and costing more than a decent DSLR? 

Quote:A Tilt /Shift lens for mirror-less?
Well, Nikon has a patent for an 19mm f/4 tilt shift lens. Fullframe, that is.
      I saw the patent......  a joke!........ odd place to start...... like, the market is not exactly crying out for 19mm F4 T/S FF ML lenses, probably with a price tag of $4,000 no doubt, what contribution to the average ML customer is that going to be?.... if I was to choose a lens with the least impact on the ML lens market this one would be it!


  But before sitting back and waiting for the collapse of the DSLR market which has the richest photographic pickings, we will have to wait for the replacements from Nikon and Canon......their offerings so far have been a complete joke, with nothing in the least bit competitive against the likes of Sony/Fuji/Olympus/Panasonic (+Leica) etc. 


 Until C/N have launched a practical/usable solution in the ML form that's works on all levels with all the appropriate lenses, I suggest we don't sit about waiting.


 Given the mammoth lens range that will be bequeathed to us from these abandoned DSLRs  the S/H market is going to be twenty years of Christmases rolled into one, I want to be there for that! 


  So far the only interesting ML is the Sony A7RII and I still couldn't use it 1/3rd of the action/BIF that I shoot!

Dave's clichés
A patent doesn't say anything about already patented lenses or marketing strategies.. Patents are given for unique solutions - 50 mm lenses are beyond that point, kit lenses as well...


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