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Sony lenses firmware update - stoppingdown - 03-07-2015

E.g. http://www.sony-asia.com/support/download/602227/product/sel70200g


I'm definitely upset when I don't see a detailed change log for software upgrades. Anyway I suppose that This update provides the “Quick starting” function means faster boot time. Did somebody apply the upgrade and see any significant improvement?


PS Another rather annoying thing is that on Mac OS X Sony firmware upgrades need to install a system extension, with root privileges. I have a backup Mac laptop, which is regularly cloned from the main one, and I can perform the upgrade from it (so any change is undone at the next clone), but I don't think such a complexity should be required.

Sony lenses firmware update - Guest - 03-09-2015

All true. Still, on updating mine it really does seem faster. If I turn on the camera as I'm bringing it up to my eye, the viewfinder is active by the time it gets there: not so before!


Oddly I've seen lots of people finding no difference, including one plausible one when he timed it. Wonder why?