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Not that impressed - frank - 09-22-2014

For me, MFTs are for fast primes, DSLRs for zooms.

Not that impressed - joachim - 09-22-2014

Quote:MFT for zoom lenses. Fuji for primes. ;-)

Your verdict on the Fuji 18-55/2.8-4 is extremely positive. Stating it is a reason to enter the system. Not any longer? I have an X20 and am considering moving to Fuji for the nice JPEG colours and very usable in-camera RAW processor.

What mFT body are you after?

Did you not find time to test/assess the Zeiss before the trip? If it as bad as you say, you should have noticed within a few frames.

Not that impressed - Klaus - 09-22-2014

MFT or Fuji is primarily a question of size. The 55-200mm is a rather big lens for instance.

Olympus lenses - at least the mid to pro range - are also better centered.

The X-T1 is better (for photography) than all of the MFT cameras though.


I am still thrilled by Fuji - don't understand me wrong here. 


On the MFT side I am leaning towards the GMs. But again, I'm mostly into outdoors.

Not that impressed - Guest - 10-22-2014

Quote:I just checked my vacation images taken with the A6000 and the Zeiss 16-70.

I have to admit ... I am not thrilled by the quality. The borders are rather soft.

Is the review of the Zeiss 16-70 still in the works?

Not that impressed - dave9t5 - 10-22-2014

Quote:Is the review of the Zeiss 16-70 still in the works?