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Sony A5000 - Klaus - 01-07-2014

Thus they really dumped the "NEX" branding for whatever reason:



Sony A5000 - Brightcolours - 01-07-2014

Odd about the NEX brand dropping, indeed. Even though it always was a bit of an odd name...

What is most interesting is the new 20mp sensor, maybe it comes without the 24mp NEX-7 problems?

Missed opportunity: No PD AF on the new sensor?

Sony A5000 - stoppingdown - 01-07-2014

I wonder whether there has been some conflict with other producers - for instance, Pioneer just started using NEX for a different thing:




Just a stupid idea...

Sony A5000 - antony - 01-09-2014


From the "official video" ( link above ), it seems to me the A5000 is designed for NFC (which is not available on iPhones), and instant sharing (via smartphone).

For my own "selfie", iPhone 5s is more than enough and much faster. Actually, Sony's own QX lens-style cameras would be more practical.

(BTW, how do I just link to YouTube without embedding it?)