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Upcoming Fuji Tests - Klaus - 07-05-2013

Will pickup the Fuji 55-200 tomorrow.

Upcoming Fuji Tests - WyldRage - 07-08-2013

Any first impressions? I'm wondering how good it is for portraits, especially against the 60mm macro.

Upcoming Fuji Tests - Klaus - 07-09-2013

Don't hold your breath yet.

The lens is #4 in my test queue. I will post some preview pictures at some stage.

Upcoming Fuji Tests - WyldRage - 07-10-2013

Well, I'm waiting for the review before jumping on it, and since I don't really want to spend money on it at the moment, take your time. Smile

Upcoming Fuji Tests - Guest - 07-10-2013

Yea this one interest me. I almost went with an xe-1; but decided to wait a month or two and see the review on the 55-200. I actually have high hope that the xe-2 will include the improvements in the 100s; and the QC issues with the 18-55 didn't help.

Upcoming Fuji Tests - H. J. Simpson - 08-04-2013

Hi, any ETA on 55-200 review?

Upcoming Fuji Tests - frank - 08-15-2013

How about the 27mm f2.8? It seems a lovely pancake lens though not cheap

Upcoming Fuji Tests - Klaus - 08-15-2013

I have to do my taxes first ...