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Correct pronunciation of "bokeh" ... - wim - 02-15-2018

Came across this today:




So once and far all, we know how it sounds when pronounced by a Japanese person (click on sound icon ) ....




Kind regards, Wim

Correct pronunciation of "bokeh" ... - Klaus - 02-15-2018

I have to admit that I didn't know the linguistic background so far ...


The term comes from the 
Japanese word 
<i>boke</i> (
), which means 
<a class="" href="https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bokeh" title="wikt:bokeh">"blur"</a> or "haze", or 
<i>boke-aji</i> (
), the "blur quality". The Japanese term 
<i>boke</i> is also used in the sense of a mental haze or senility.
<sup>[7]</sup> The term 
<a class="" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokashi_(disambiguation)" title="Bokashi (disambiguation)">bokashi</a> (
) is related, meaning intentional blurring or gradation.

The English spelling 
<i>bokeh</i> was popularized in 1997 in 
<i>Photo Techniques</i> magazine ...

Correct pronunciation of "bokeh" ... - Brightcolours - 02-15-2018

The h was added to make clear how to pronounce it.

Correct pronunciation of "bokeh" ... - stoppingdown - 02-15-2018

LOL. It's pronounced as it were Italian :lol:  Once in a while things are simpler than they appear...