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Canon G15 - Guest - 09-17-2012

While a lot of canon announcements seem ho-hum (i.e, 6D) what do folks think of the G15 at 12Mp and f1.8-2.8 lens ?

Canon G15 - Sylvain - 09-17-2012

Maybe I'm reading it too quickly but I can't really see the point of these cameras anymore. The fixed screen taken away is odd after Canon gave it back to G users. They used to have ND filters, etc... now it's just a faster lens on a blocky body.

I get the impression Canon keeps doing them to appeal to these people who like the G series for their blocky "business" look and who will fall for that look over other things. Having held a Fuji X10 last week & several G's, the fuji X10 is just so much better.

Nothing wrong with considering the look an important feature, I'm guilty !