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Fuji-san logic - Studor13 - 07-14-2017

Quote:Maybe it uses the aperture as shutter in the lens, closing from small aperture being faster than from wide open. 

Don't know but the attached is the only thing I found about the shutter. It says it is a combined mechanical and electronic.

Fuji-san logic - Guest - 07-16-2017

I think it has a leaf shutter, and a real iris in front of the shutter. This behaviour is quite common, when the diaphram blades are full open the leaf shutter takes more time to open and close since it has to reach the fully open state, whilst when the blades are somewhat closed it can stop before thus allowing faster shutter speeds.


Iirc i have an old Canon Powershot G5 that has the same limits.


The good thing of the leaf shutter is that it allows flash sync at all speeds without tricks high speed sync and so on.


When you need unavaible shutter speeds on the G5 you can use the built in nd filter, even it it's not enough for every situation.

Fuji-san logic - chrismiller - 07-20-2017

Fuji a pretty cagey about the spec, no mention of shutter type or sync speed on their web site.


Sounds like the same behaviour as my x100t has, At F2 max shutter speed is 1/1000, F2.8 1/2000, F4 1/4000. The X100 series has a 3 stop nd filter that can be engaged that helps with the limitation.


Basically because the leaf shutter blades cant move fast enough to across the sensor as the aperture gets larger and exposure time decreases. On the plus side it makes your flash 5x as powerful when overpowering the sun. 


If your're wondering about sync speeds here is a primer: http://strobist.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/leaf-shutter-nd-flash-fuji-x100s.html