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a monitor question - soLong - 06-26-2012

i was thinking of trying for a new accurate monitor for post and was wondering if anyone here had tried the NEC MultiSync PA241W....it reads as being quite fine, but i'll have to buy without seeing it first, so thought i'd ask here - thanks in advance

a monitor question - miro - 06-27-2012

Is it new or used.

If used you have to consider that WCCL has limited life

a monitor question - wim - 06-27-2012


Most extensive test you'll find anywhere. Very good monitor.

I own a NEC, not this one though as it was a lot more expensive at the time I bought mine. I am very pleased with mine, a 2490 WUXi-BK II. The PA241W is supposed to be a little bit better.

Kind regards, Wim

a monitor question - soLong - 06-27-2012

thanks miro and wim….yes it's new and seems to be much reduced in price so that sparked my interest…..and wim, good to hear that you have something similar and are happy with it - so i think i'll go for it, mainly (but not the only reason) so that subtle skin tone variations will be easier to correct - always been a worry for me - thank you