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My hardest photography work (till now) - toni-a - 06-25-2017

Amale is a very kind, shy 13 year old girl, she was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor, surgery left her with paralyzed left side of her body, and tumor has progressed.

She is now in her last days, she has had a short stay in my department and she is quite adorable, although she lost most of her hair and can barely move, she always has a half smile (from paralysis) that is so touchy.

I tried to do whatever I could to ease her suffering. Photographing her in her condition didn't seem a good idea.

I asked her mother to bring me photos of her when she was still fit to make a collage.

Seeing the pictures of that little angel and seeing her now is heartbreaking.

I started scanning the photos and editing preparing for a big poster which will bring her some joy but most likely will become a memory of her in her parents home.

Too difficult to do, I can barely look at the screen. Didn't expect it to be that emotional and hard.

Just wanted to share this experience with you.