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Awesome free Photoshop alternative - Sibbi - 12-14-2011

Hi Zoners,

if your are looking for a free PS alternative you should have a closer look at this link:


These guys are just awesome!


Awesome free Photoshop alternative - Klaus - 12-14-2011

[quote name='Sebastian' timestamp='1323868291' post='13763']

Hi Zoners,

if your are looking for a free PS alternative you should have a closer look at this link:


These guys are just awesome!



Well, this is technically awesome. But from a user perspective I prefer a local PS any time.

Awesome free Photoshop alternative - Sylvain - 12-15-2011

No content-aware delete??? <img src='http://forum.photozone.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Awesome free Photoshop alternative - miro - 12-20-2011

Thanks for sharing.

I briefly checked the editor and I miss the essential functionality used me.

1. No overlay modes by layers

2. No smart objects

3. Not so comprehensive layers control as photoshops.

Yes the interface like of photoshop, but still a lot of work to do and then it will be just photoshops from decay - lets say Photoshop CS1 or 7.0

The above mentioned features I use for lossless processing. Something that lightroom users call it that doesn't exist in photoshop - actually everything available in Lightroom is available in photoshops but it is deeply hidden behind layers, properties, smartobjects,adobe bridge and etc.

Awesome free Photoshop alternative - lesford - 12-22-2011

I have also been using GIMP as my supposed alternative to photoshop but things are just a lot different and sort of complex should I say.

It is great that you will be able to handle the short requirements though when you get to higher levels, things would really seem to be too hard to contend with.

But I should succumb that from a user's POV, Photoshop still wins, hands down.