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Nikon 16-85mm VR build "quality" - lordbeau - 10-10-2011

I note the review describes this lens as decent build quality. Let me tell you - I am onto my second copy of this lens and both are flimsy. The first copy waited unti it was out of warranty and then the zoom ring jammed. After paying Nikon a fortune to fix it, the lens was back with them in less than a month with the same problem.

After selling the refurbished lens I reluctantly acquired another after finding the 18-105mm even flimsier. I normall use D700 with FX lenses but it seems the 16-85 is the best. The new one suffered the same problem. It has gone back for service and within three months the same fault is happening. The only lens which had a similar problem is the Nikon 50mm 1.4G where the motor died within 48 hours of purchase. I hope these new heavy f/f lenses such as 16-35 and 24-120 are more robust.