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Cheap self promotion - miro - 08-29-2011

Something different than 24MP DX sensors discusion.

I'm happy to announce that my image is accepted by nature inspirations. http://www.nature-inspirations.com

Up until now I have won competitions organized by Dutch photographer association ‘fotobond’ but not as such level as now. Staying next to Marsel van Oosten, Edwin Katz, Misja Smits and other well known nature photographers is quite a bit of achievement.

PS: I have posted the same image here in photozone gallery but it seems to be the least viewed image here.




Cheap self promotion - Sylvain - 08-29-2011

Congratulations, Miro !

Cheap self promotion - Guest - 08-29-2011

Congrats, well done!

Cheap self promotion - wim - 08-29-2011

Yes indeed, well done! A well deserved pat on the shoulder, congratulations!

Kind regards, Wim

Cheap self promotion - anyscreenamewilldo - 08-29-2011

yes congrats Miro - a lovely picture - just wondering which paper did you print it on, ta

Cheap self promotion - Brightcolours - 08-29-2011

It is a nice image, miro. Eevn though it looks a bit dark on screen, I am quite sure it will be very nice on print. Very nice capture with the swarm filling the frame.

Cheap self promotion - bryan conner - 08-30-2011

Congrats, Miro!

Cheap self promotion - miro - 08-30-2011

Thanks for the feedback.

ASWD : I never print at home. I use http://www.profotonet.nl. I choose photo paper between Fuji Digital Professional DP II Glossy or Lustre Paper. Depending on lighting condition by exhibition and type of picture I choose either Glosy or Lusture. I focus my competence on taking pictures and post processing.

BC: I tend to make dark images. It is area for improvements, however the dark tones in zone system tends to have saturated colour. The print is lighter then posted image but still a little bit darker than other pictures.



Cheap self promotion - mst - 08-30-2011

Congrats, miro!

And thanks for linking to the site in general. A very nice place to spend some time.

-- Markus

Cheap self promotion - mduraj - 09-02-2011

Yes, very nice picture