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Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - JJ_SO - 04-19-2017

Just got a brief (relatively, that is) article from photographylife about Sony α9

Interesting - anyone knows of another FF DSLR with 20fps (electronical) or 14 fps shutter at 1/32.000 or 1/8000? Okay, the mechanical shutter is not so fresh, but the rest - and the tracking speed over the full frame...

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - obican - 04-19-2017

Canon announced a macro lens with LED! They see the impossible!

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - Klaus - 04-19-2017

I don't think that Nikon can follow at this stage ... and they rely on Sony sensors ...

Nikon is also far from being a first choice in the movie segment which has risen to high popularity now.


I reckon that Canon would still have the capabilities to do so. Sony has one major weakness - the pricing of their products. 

Canon could easily come up with a FF mirrorless camera around the 1000US$ mark. Sony has completely ignored to FF entry level segment so far.


Even if CaNikon started rolling it would take them at least 5 years to catch up now. How many lenses can they release per year ? 5 maybe ? And Sony has now reached full maturity in the prosumer class and can now venture either up and/or down the food chain.

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - obican - 04-20-2017

If Canon comes up with a FF body at 1000$ mark (6Dm2, I presume), Sony will probably simply remind everyone that they still have the A7 and/or A7II. By reminding I mean release another model with slightly updates specs and a pretty competitive price. They already have quite a good cheap set of primes now (28&50&85) so I won't be surprised if they eventually release a cheap-ish body to go with them.

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - borisbg - 04-20-2017

Canon shows that there is development in this direction, while Nikon are completely silent. Unless they've been working on something during the last 2 years and planed to announce it this year. Camera + 3 lenses?

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - davidmanze - 04-20-2017

  I agree with Klaus, only I'll go a few steps further, with the huge margin that is growing between ML and DSLRs, the chances of Canikon catching the ML crowd much less Sony, is less than small and more likely non existent!


 Sony now; has to get it on with lenses of the telephoto variety if they want to pull the rug from under the feet of pro sports shooters and they seem to be fairly good at rushing expensive lenses to the market.

This is probably the biggest nail in the coffin of the DSLR to date, but nonetheless it's an expensive one and the lens range will take time and won't be cheap.

  In the real current world it will affect first the wedding and landscape shooter, sports and nature will take a somewhat longer, much of the lens shortage will have to be supported by Tamron and Sigma, who at this time have done little towards the ML market.


Exciting times? For me yes and no!..... Yes, I have always been interested in new technology especially of the photographic variety...and no, because it makes me a little sad to see what well could be the end of a current era.....I feel I am there photographically and want for little more than just the ability to continue as things are.

   Something about it leaves me cold and I will only look over the fence,  times move on and business has little sentiment for the past let alone the present...............   

    .........and watch out for single market domination! 




 To avoid Tony Northrup's contribution jump straight to Sony's technical presenter Mark Weir from 11 minutes on!


Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - JJ_SO - 04-20-2017

Well, it was obvious that camera triggers predictable concerns. Over at Nasim's it goes down to a sports photographers who "learnt how to manual focus and these days everybody wants to become God".


I know lots of other samples we thought times become worse but l just think 20 fps can as well mean 20 bad pictures per second. I would not have got 20× more bird pictures Smile And actually, a single good one from time to time will do.


The obvious advantage, no matter if Sony's lenses can catch up with that, are 693 AF points and no interfering mirror/shutter to keep the AF away from tracking. I'm curious if besides spectacular specs in terms of possible speed Sony mastered an intuitive UI and fast forward concept in terms of using it? But where the Nikon D7500 doesn't interest me to touch at all, I'd like to give this thing a tryout, just out of curiosity, not because it would make me do stuff I otherwise can't - but would like to be able to do.

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - davidmanze - 04-20-2017

   Well if a single bird picture from time to time will do, I would stick with what you've got!


   On a FF it will have to be quite a large bird, most birders theses days are using APSc sensors, while FF cameras are better suited to African wildlife and larger subjects.

 I'll stick with my D750 and it's similar resolution FF sensor for when photographing elephants!


  There's a whole market opened up for no compromise lens adapters however.

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - Guest - 04-20-2017

It is premature to call the alpha 9 a winner but if it is - well all we can say canikon chose to ignore the segment out of fear that it would hurt their dslr lineup.

Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon... - davidmanze - 04-20-2017

After considerable thought it's just too small to be a good sports camera, even though it could do it....



   ......it's a perfect wedding camera though!