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Ever heard of Veydra? - JJ_SO - 04-17-2017

According to Fuji rumors, a couple of new primes is ready to launch, all cinematic - which is basically a good thing for videographers as X-Fujinons suck in terms of manual focus. The best least sucking Fujis are the ones with clutched focus ring: 16, 23 and 35 I know, amber there are more - as being no videographer, I don't care about this feature.


Does anybody knows this brand?  Huh


Okay, I read the link until the end - it's only kind of an adapter from Duclos to adapt Sony or µ4/3 mount Veydra lenses to Fuji X-mount. No big deal, cheap and free of advanced functionality, no transfer of lens data, probably videographers care less about that.