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nikon 105mm macro len - Xastoul - 11-17-2011

Hi I'm new and I actually have some question about those Lens.

I was wondering which of those two lens would be better for me... ( macro 105 Vr nikon or 100 maro tokina)

If I'm planning to use it as a macro and non macro lens.

I not sure if the Vr will really make a difference when not use on a tripod.

My first choice was the Sigma 150mmbut the new model woth around 1500$ here, it's not in my budjet.

any help? or other suggestion what I should check?

One last thing, in the Tokina review, it's wrote that the min focus distance is 0.30 cm, is it really focusing at 3mm?

nikon 105mm macro len - Steinar1 - 11-17-2011

Hello Warvick, I second the Photozone opinion of that lens. I use it for macro and portraits and find it exceptionally sharp all trought the range. The VR is very efficient and the AF silent. The colour rendition is exceptional IMO! I'd recommend it any day and you can find good second hand ones for around 550€! I have a Sigma 50mm macro, but there is no comparison in terms of colour.

nikon 105mm macro len - Guest - 11-18-2011

A good question is what do you want it for?

If you are looking for a macro in that focal length then consider the tamron 90mm. However for absolutely flawless performance I don't think you can beat the sigma 70mm. The sigma 105mm is not one of its best. If it is bug hunting you are after then the longer the better and the tamron 180mm, sigma 180mm or sigma 150mm are all excellent choices.