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RE: L-mount alliance - Brightcolours - 09-27-2018

Looking at the lens data: 9 elements. Not too advanced, and not too simple. So there is a chance it is a decent/nice lens. 740 grams, expected for such a lens. Now for the weirdness:
minimum working distance: 27.8 mm. Ok, nice and close!Amazingly close!!! Focussing range: 0.8m to infinity. HUMMMM. That makes the lens rather long!!!!

RE: L-mount alliance - faint - 12-10-2019

L-Mafia! I protest! Almost got the Lumix DC-S1 and then I realized that the only adapters available are Sigma MC-21 for EF/SA mount to L, and M to L adapter and I have no lenses in any of these.

Not a single Chinese adapter for F or any other lens mount from the "old days" Sad Not even Metabones!

RE: L-mount alliance - Brightcolours - 12-10-2019

F as in Nikon F-mount




RE: L-mount alliance - mst - 12-10-2019

Novoflex offers adapters from basically everything to L mount. Not cheap though, and their adapters are mechanical only, with no electronic coupling (and of course no AF).

RE: L-mount alliance - faint - 12-15-2019

Yes, I have found the Novoflex's offering, but the reviews are quite bad and the price is too high. It has an electronic coupling for the F mount with AF, but I have a single AF lens on Nikon F, and I suspect it will not work anyway. All other stuff is old mechanical goodness.

Brightcolours -thank you for the links. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this site and I'm looking for a brand that can be found through the retail network or bought from a reputable online shop in Europe.

RE: L-mount alliance - Brightcolours - 12-15-2019

I have bought several adapters via ebay with no issue (with one exception) and almost no cost.