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Ingnore Prefs - wim - 01-29-2017

Hi All,


Just for those of you who might be interested: I found the Ignore preferences on the forum, and having used this option for the past few weeks, I found it really makes browsing here for me much more pleasant, no more viewing of offending or insulting posts.


So I thought I'd share, just in case you'd like to use it too.


Click on your user name, top right of teh browser window, just underneath "Sign Out".

This will show a dropdown menu, and one of the items is "Manage Ignore Prefs".

Click on that, and a screen pops up which allows you to type a user name of a member here you'd like to ignore.


So, if you'd want to ignore me, f.e, just type "wim", without the quote marks of course. It will even show a list of possible users to select from.

You have the option to ignore posts, signatures, messages and chats, and once saved, you can also mark them to show or allow again, by means of a set buttons next to the user name.


Of course, repeat for each member here you'd like to ignore.


I had completely forgotten about this forum software feature until recently, and it works well. It does, BTW, allow you, when you have posts blocked, to show individual posts in the topics you are viewing if you so like. Personally, I have not felt tempted yet, and as mentioned, for me it makes for a much more pleasant experience.


Anyway, enjoy!


Kind regards, Wim

Ingnore Prefs - davidmanze - 01-30-2017

 Thanks Wim....


      .....but I'll take it as it comes...the good the bad and the ugly.....faults,worts and all!


    with what's going down in the world it won't be a couple of crossed words on a lens testing site that's going to faze me......


   ......... just gotta get on out there....


                            so let's get on down and suck it up guys........big time!   Huh  ^_^  Tongue



https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Ingnore Prefs - wim - 01-30-2017

Big Grin

I can do without it, too little time as it is Wink.


I had a quick look at your Flickr, BTW - very, very nice indeed!


Warm regards, Wim

Ingnore Prefs - JJ_SO - 02-08-2017

You're not the only one with an active ignoring list, Wim. But if another member quotes the ignored person, you see it anyway.

Which I try to take as self-educational challenge to not answer. And fail occasionally.

Ingnore Prefs - wim - 02-08-2017

Well, so far so good Wink.


Warm regards, WIm