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Nikkor Z-mount planning - Brightcolours - 01-01-2019

Only "S-line"?? I wonder what none-S-line would be like.
Also, note the 50mm f1.2.

RE: Nikkor Z-mount planning - JJ_SO - 01-02-2019

At the moment I'm not sure what to think about the whole Nikon mirrorless project. Although prices are high I feel the lenses only sharp - distortions are a bit on the massive side. The Nikon rumors dates - well, I see them as sort of chitchat and no real information, plans might change, roadmaps as well. None of the lenses is a "must have" to me, except I would like to cut weight.

I don't feel there's an optical benefit to adapter Nikkor or Sigma glass. So far I compared 4 lenses at 24 mm. The 24-70 was the worst in terms of distortion, I don't know if the 24-85/3.5-4.5 was as bad in this aspect. But that costs about half the price.