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First visit to local Sony shop: impressions - toni-a - 01-03-2019

Sony opened a new shop locally, I visited today and finally saw other models than A6000, good surprise the prices are quite fair and almost same as US  prices while Canon is at least 20% more expensive.
Also noted plenty of lenses available while Canon only have a few  mainly L zooms, for most primes you have to order 2 months before.
Now about mirrorless full frame, obviously Sony 24-70 doesn't balance quite well on the body, in comparison it's huge, 85f1.4 is another monster lens.
Tried 18-135 and 18-105 not a huge size difference I would say practically they are the same I prefer having f4 over more reach, but the question is do I really need one ???
On the downside, the shop owner and salesman is very friendly and helpful, yes, but he is obviously a businessman with little knowledge in photography.
He started asking me questions "since you know a lot of things why 18-105 is not for A7 however it works fine on it ?"