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New Fuji stuff on the horizon - Brightcolours - 01-16-2017

I just came out of a lovely run of Mac freezes and slow downs and unworkables because I upgraded my Mac Mini with Mac OS Sierra and.... PS CC 2017. Horror of horrors, what a giant mess up on Adobe's side. Luckily, it only took two weeks for me till the PS CC 2017 update surfaced. If I had been an early Sierra updater, I would have had serious issues for 2 months.

New Fuji stuff on the horizon - Sylvain - 01-17-2017

Oh Joju, I could rant for hours on the software side... don't get me started :'-(

New Fuji stuff on the horizon - JJ_SO - 01-17-2017

Yes, I think I lived for a nice while on a pink cloud and am now entering reality. OS X was usually cool as long as there was a Steve punching his guys in the right direction. Today is simply more normal - software guys too long rested on the certainity, nobody has a slight possibility to claim for warranty when they mess up stuff.