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The RF 70-200 .. - Klaus - 10-11-2019

So it DOES extend. Not sure whether to find that idea thrilling ...


RE: The RF 70-200 .. - Rover - 10-11-2019

Well I wasn't sure there was a point in trying to hide that fact for as long as they have. I mean, once the lens would be shipping, people will know, right? Maybe they thought pre-orders would suffer? Smile

RE: The RF 70-200 .. - Brightcolours - 10-11-2019

It makes sense in the "lets drop the mirror so you get more compact" world, and it works well in the 70-300mm L and 100-400mm lenses. But will it mean (negative) focus breathing, like with the 70-300mm L? I hope not, not now Nikon has finally resolved its negative focus breathing issues with the 70-200mm lenses.