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Cleaning the laptop - stoppingdown - 12-12-2019

I'm not compulsive about cleanliness, but I like cleanliness. In spite of regularly washing my hands and frequently cleaning my laptop (a MacBook Pro aluminum), the keyboard and the surroundings get dirty with a surprising speed. Does anybody know of any chemical product that might help in _repelling_ dirt and that is suitable for a laptop?

Second problem: the same, this time about the screen. Here the problem might be that I've always a bit of cough, so you might get the point... At least the screen is easier to clean.

RE: Cleaning the laptop - Brightcolours - 12-12-2019

Latex gloves? ;-)

RE: Cleaning the laptop - photonius - 12-13-2019

There are transparent laptop covers, never used one, but maybe worth a try?