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Babies portrait lens - toni-a - 03-23-2020

I have three primes for shooting babies: 
Canon 50mm f1.4 
Canon 85mm f1.8 
and Canon 100mm macro
the 50 is too short 
the 85 was okay on 7D2 however on RP I am struggling with its MFD, at MFD David face doesn't fill the frame and I don't need f1.8 anyway, I want eyes and nose in focus 
so my natural choice is Canon 100mm macro or even Canon 24-105f4L
checked the RF and third party offerings none offers MFD less that 85 centimeters... 
100mm macro is very sharp, excellent colors nothing to complain about on RP ... so I am back to use it, 
it has always been my favorite portaits lens, now should I keep the 85mm or sell it, since I have barely used it if any, and no I am not interested in any 85f1.2 howevere 100mm macro IS L is tempting..... but not for the time being, me too I live on planet Earth

RE: Babies portrait lens - Brightcolours - 03-23-2020

Best not shoot babies, either with cameras or with guns, till after the Covid-19 state.

RE: Babies portrait lens - JJ_SO - 03-23-2020