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Next R-mount review ... - Klaus - 04-09-2021

... the butcherfest. ;-)

RE: Next R-mount review ... - thxbb12 - 04-09-2021

or 24-105 STM?

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Rover - 04-10-2021

I presume the 24-105 STM since the sample gallery has been out for a while?

Then Klaus would absolutely have to wash it down with the 28-70/2 review to avoid the bad aftertaste. Smile

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Klaus - 04-11-2021

Eventually, I will review the 28-70/2 but the current focus is on the non-L lenses.
Besides the 24-105 STM, I'm curious about the 600/800mm f/11 - I just need to test one aperture. These will be quick ;-)

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Rover - 04-11-2021

Well, "thankfully" there are very little non-L lenses for the R mount.
Say, Klaus, are you going to test more of the Samyang lenses for the E mount in the foreseeable future? Samyang's been churning those out like crazy and they seem to be intent on simply zerging the market with models of all stripes. Smile
Other than that, well, obviously I no longer keep whining about testing the Tamron 45/1.8 - I have it and I know it's a good lens Big Grin - but seeing a test of Tamron 35/1.4 would've been very interesting.

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Klaus - 04-11-2021

You and your Tamron lenses ...;-)

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Rover - 04-12-2021

Yeah, I'm a big Tamron fan these days. The 70-300 VC was enough to get my interest but the 45 & 85 sealed the deal.

I'm a bit disheartened by the recent spate of discontinuations in the Canon EF ranks anyway - they basically just killed all their EF-S lineup (save the 18-55 and 18-135) going forward, and made huge dents in the EF one. It's not much of a deal for me in practice, since most of my Canon stuff is already of the discontinued variety (24-85, 70-200, 100-400), but I'd hate to see the two Canon L lenses that hold the most monetary value get discontinued as well (the 16-35 and the 24/1.4). I wasn't going to sell anything but with these tidings, looks like I'll have to axe the non-essential lenses now... the Tamron primes (and the 16-35/4) would be the last ones to go though.

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Klaus - 04-12-2021

Two for you here maybe ... ;-)

Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8 Di III-A RXD
Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD

RE: Next R-mount review ... - Rover - 04-12-2021

Right'o, I have a Sony NEX-3 (the original one) kicking around the house, though it's been ages since anyone has seen the charger for it. I'd totally buy these for it!

You're a soul healer, Klaus. Smile

(Seriously however, the 11-20 looks awesome, though their claim of it being the first such lens sounds bit dishonest until you read the very fine print stating that they meant "for E mount"... Duh, everything is still kinda new for the ML mounts).