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Moving to Qatar wat gear to take ? - toni-a - 06-28-2021

Unfortunately the crisis hitting Lebanon was a major blow for me, hyperinflation meant my salary value is divided by two every 2-3 months, and I was  left with no choice.
I still have 7D2  with 10-18  17-55 15-85  and also EOSRP with tokina 16-28 canon EF 24-105f4L EF70-300IS and primes 28f2.8 50f1.8 and f1.4, 85f1.8 and 100mm macro
Carrying all this equipment with me would it cause me problems ?
I will be alone till October when family will join me, then I will be shooting nothing but my kids.
I was considering taking 7D2 plus EFS zooms as well as 70-300, the rest will be brought by a friend coming in September what do you think ?

RE: Moving to Qatar wat gear to take ? - Klaus - 06-28-2021

I suppose you'll be busy taking pictures of flashy skyscrapers at night? If so I would align the setup to this purpose.