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Your most used gear - toni-a - 07-01-2021

Trying to decide for the gear I would carry in priority with me abroad I made my own statistics concerning camera/lens combinations I used most.
Here are my reaults:
EOSRP plus 24-105
EOSRP plus 85f1.8
7D2 plus 10-18f4.5-5.6 IS
7D2 plus 15-85
Phone (mostly documents) 
750D plus 18-55
Fuji XP90 (exclusively beach shots) 
Sony A6000 plus Sony 16mmf2.8
EOSRP plus Tokina 16-28f2.8
7D2 plus 70-300IS
EOSRP plus 50f1.8 
EOSRP plus 100mm macro 
EOSRP plus Canon 17-55f2.8 
Some gear is collecting dust like Sony 55-210 or even Canon 50mmf1.4
So I thought to see what gear do we affecrively use 

That allowed me to understand my needs so I thoughy
Anyone interested posting gear he uses most?

RE: Your most used gear - thxbb12 - 07-01-2021

My usage is slightly simpler ;-)

Sorted by most used gear.

Fuji X-S10
Fuji X-T20

The X-S10 is a recent purchase and my main camera. The X-T20 is used as a 2nd body to minimize lens switching.

Fuji 35 f1.4
Fuji 18 f2, Viltrox 23 f1.4
Fuji 14 f2.8
Fuji 56 f1.2

The 35 is my most used lens. Then, I tend to use the 18mm for more environmental shots. The 23 serves a bit the same purpose.
I use the 14 almost only for landscapes and the 56 for portraits but quite rarely.

RE: Your most used gear - Rover - 07-02-2021

I can't give any hard stats but 1D4 + 16-35/4 are by far the most used in my experience. Before I totalled the 100-400 last month, it was the second most used lens; now, it's the good old 70-200 again.