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Miracles happen, even with Capture One - stoppingdown - 07-27-2021

From the release notes of Capture One 21 (14.3.0)

Overwrite existing files on export
The redesigned Exporter has new functionality that allows overwriting existing exported files when exporting images. This speeds up the process of updating already exported images with newer versions. The item Existing Files has three options:

- Add Suffix will add a number to the filename, leaving multiple files after exporting. 
- Overwrite will replace the existing files, leaving only a single exported file per image. 
- Skip will skip exporting images that already have an exported file in the target location.

While it might sound crazy for people not used to Capture One, so far there were no options, the app always added a suffix. The new feature had been asked for multiple times, but silly explanations ("It's dangerous") were used to reject it.

If now they only fixed the problem with exporting hierarchic tags in XMP...