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X-Rite ColorChecker Passport - stoppingdown - 10-27-2016

X-Rite says, with a notice inside the thing, that it should be replaced two years after its first use...

I suppose that colours fade because they are exposed to the light and that the "expiration" duration refers to a somewhat frequent use... I've used just a handful of times, for calibrating my cameras and in a couple of shots taken with the Big Stopper... So am I right in thinking that its operating life can be longer?

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport - JJ_SO - 10-27-2016

X-Rite somehow has to make money  ^_^


And I guess they calculate with thinking like this. It all depends on your usage: If you make money with 98% color accurate pictures, get a new one (however, except the X-Rite passport I also have one from Seculine (ProDiskII) and those greys are already different).


X-Rite also says "of maximum performance", so you also have calibrated lenses, flashes, monitor, printers...  Wink No? Keep the checker and live long and prosper.