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new Panasonic stuff - Klaus - 01-04-2023

As already rumored:


S5 IIx

14-28mm f/4-5.6 macro

It's a pity that they didn't release a high mp body. I'd really like to start testing L-mount.

RE: new Panasonic stuff - Rover - 01-04-2023

Sigma fp?
Guess not...

But I think they had something in the high forties... (not sure though as I never really paid attention to the L mount stuff).

RE: new Panasonic stuff - Klaus - 01-04-2023

Well, I could take the Sigma FP L (60mp) yes.

However, I'd also like to have some fun with cameras. The S1R is way, way, way too big and the Sigma FP L has no anti-dust shaker. Both are big NONOs in my book.

RE: new Panasonic stuff - Rover - 01-04-2023

Big is a relative term ...
I kinda like cameras with built-in grips, imagine this. Though I'll have to be a heretic and say that ergonomically, 1D Mark IV is better than the Z9, although I'm a little mollified by the tilting screen on the latter ... It's still not the articulating one of the Canons starting with the el cheapo 650D, but better than the fixed ones.

Anyway, I'd be interested in L mount reviews as a measure of "different stuff".

RE: new Panasonic stuff - thxbb12 - 01-09-2023

Nice, but I wonder whether Panasonic will release a compact FF version of their Panasonic GX9 body?
It would be quite a unique offering IMO and very tempting.

RE: new Panasonic stuff - Klaus - 01-09-2023

Well, there's the Sony A7C already. And it's not overly popular I think.

RE: new Panasonic stuff - thxbb12 - 01-09-2023

Yes, but I suspect not because of the form factor, but because it's clearly inferior to the A7III. The EVF is very small and the UI is old generation compared to the A7III.