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new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - Klaus - 01-17-2023

Two new Voigtlanders in Z-mount

Heliar 15mm f/4.5

Nokton 50mm f/1

RE: new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - borisbg - 01-17-2023

Good alternatives for Z mount. I am surprised there is no release of 50mm f1 for other mounts. Only VM and Z for now.
Klaus, do you think Cosina will revive Otus lenses for mirror-less cameras?

RE: new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - Klaus - 01-18-2023

I don't think that Zeiss will revive the Otus line - Cosina is merely the manufacturer here but not the designer.

I reckon we haven't seen a 50mm f/1 in E-mount because of the small mount diameter.

RE: new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - Rover - 01-18-2023

That lens does exist in M mount which is even smaller and has longer flange distance so I'm not sure why you're saying that.
I reckon since there's the Voigtlander 50/1.2 AND the AF Sony 50/1.2 in E mount (not to mention all the other ultrafast options mostly from China), there's a lot less of a market for another 50. But maybe it'll be announced in E mount sometime later, who knows.

RE: new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - Klaus - 01-18-2023

You are right. However, there has to be a technical reason.
At least some of the Sony cameras have a thick sensor filter - that could be another theory.

RE: new Voigtlanders in Z-mount - Rover - 01-19-2023

How do the Nikon Z cameras differ in this regard? Never explored this.
Not that this should be really pertinent to me because I'm using only adapted DSLR lenses, and in any case, I have no desire/capability to go elsewhere for lenses, anyway.