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9mm is not just a gun caliber... - Rover - 08-24-2023

... but a popular focal length, it seems. After Laowa, the "7Artisans" brand apparently wanted to take the slice of the super-mega-hyper-ultra-wide lens pie. Smile


It'd be interesting to see one of those (or the other SMHUW lenses from - say - Laowa) in this theatre, someday. Just to know what we might be getting ourselves into. Smile (but I know that if I ever get a chance to try one of these out, I will).

RE: 9mm is not just a gun caliber... - toni-a - 08-24-2023

Not tempted to get one.... it's just for those after numbers.... However in photography there are trends and the actual trend seems to be the ultrawides, i am more on the traditional side

RE: 9mm is not just a gun caliber... - Rover - 10-13-2023

It is here.
Isn't that the 4th 9mm f/5.6 lens on the market, and all from the Chinese manufacturers? Smile

RE: 9mm is not just a gun caliber... - wim - 10-14-2023

There is a 10 mm F/3.5 Samyang XP Premium lens in my collection, and so far, from F/5.6 it is not only excellent, but did beat anything else in that UWA-bracket, including the Voightlander 10 mm F/5.6. It is big, and I use it with an adapter for my EOS-R, but I really dig it.

Wasn't cheap, and I do not know whether it still is in production, but I find it very useful for indoor shooting and landscapes. It has become one of my top 3 prime lenses since I got it about 4 or 5 years ago.

What is really awesome is that from F/5.6, the light fall-off is well under control, and corner sharpness is actually quite good, compared to anything else I have tried, and that includes the Canon 11-24L. 

It's auto-aperture, and manual focus, but with the focusing options on the R it is just fine, although not a lot of focusing is required, really.

RE: 9mm is not just a gun caliber... - Rover - 10-15-2023

Let's see who makes the first 8mm rectilinear lens. I guess the race is already on. Big Grin