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Imaging Resource and ePHOTOzine - joachim - 10-28-2023

There has been quite a bit of traffic around Imaging Resource’s recent history on various websites in the past months.  Now there is a new twist.  Giggster, who was apparently interested in buying them, seems to have bought ePHOTOzine now:

On PetePixel there is a summary of the saga:  https://petapixel.com/2023/10/25/giggster-has-acquired-photo-website-ephotozine/

Let’s see whether or not there is more to come.  Years ago I used IR quite a bit.  In particular since they had a bit of “not so standard” reviews.  For example they reviewed inkjet printers and slide scanners.  ePHOTOzine was never an important site to me.

RE: Imaging Resource and ePHOTOzine - Rover - 10-29-2023

With so many review sites gone, I grew to appreciate EPZ more. Though PZ/OL is still the King for me. Smile