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Canon EOS M5 update - Klaus - 09-09-2016

looks quite cute actually


Canon EOS M5 update - Rover - 09-09-2016

Looks like one of dem Powershots... G5X or whatever its name was. But pretty nice all the same.

Canon EOS M5 update - Brightcolours - 09-09-2016

Not too bad.

So now it has faster AF like the 80D in live view, an EVF,  weird screen construction, decent 7fps and even a pop up flash. Luckily it does not do 4K so people can bitch about that endlessly  B)


Just like MFT, a weird focus on standard zooms (which points to the target demographic I guess)... 15-45mm, 18-55mm, 18-150mm.

Canon EOS M5 update - popo - 09-09-2016

That leaves me wondering, would I choose that over a DSLR, or a high end compact? I'm still looking for something to mount their macro on... not sure this is it.


On spec it is not bad, but at the same time I'm thinking it wont be cheap...

Canon EOS M5 update - Brightcolours - 09-09-2016

High end compacts are not cheap either... And no DSLR will have a 28mm macro. And which compact does 1:1 macro?


If that macro is the tool for certain jobs, one should get the camera. If it is just a funny thing to play with, price is more of an issue.

On FF it is easier to get wider angle macro. But it is not that small, light and compact due to the bigger camera. On my 6D I have the slightly more narrow micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5. I also could use an extension tube with a EF 40mm f2.8 (this lens works well for macro). Or 50mm macro or standard primes with ext. tube. But it all works out a bit heavier, and most probably also more expensive.

Canon EOS M5 update - popo - 09-09-2016

When comparing against the DSLR or compact, it wasn't about the EF-M macro lens but in general. It is always a tricky one to answer, where do you draw the line between functionality, size/weight and price? Historically I've gone compact where I do care about size, and DSLR for demanding situations. I've never been sure there is enough of a gap for mirrorless to fit as an extra between them, but it can make sense in limited scenarios as replacement for either. Still, I would view the rumoured M5 as more of a low end DSLR successor than an additional tool. I don't need a low end DSLR replacement, but I still have a kinda gap for casual use where I want more than a cameraphone.


The macro would be a play thing to be honest. I would be ok with an older M body but I don't see them available used. You can read that either way, that owners want to keep them, or they never sold enough of them in the first place... actually, mirrorless in general seems much more limited on the used market.


Also it is not so much the field of view I'm after, after all it isn't much different from 50mm on FF, and from memory there is the Sony 30mm. It is just the built in lights that might come in handy sometimes that sold me on the lens.

Canon EOS M5 update - Brightcolours - 09-09-2016

There are plenty of 2nd hand EOS M and EOS M2's for sale, on ebay for instance. I got mine from Germany if I remember correctly, and the 22mm from China I think, and the 18-55mm from Japan.
The 1st EOS M is attractive for some of the things Magic Lantern brings, the M2 for the shorter black out between shots.
Size wise, the EOS M5 is not that much bigger than the M, the biggest difference is the hump of the EVF.

M: 109 x 66 x 32 mm
M5: 115.6 x 89.2 x 60.6 mm
EOS 100D: 116.8 mm × 90.7 mm × 69.4 mm

The difference appears to be bigger than it is, the depth difference it the grip the EOS M lacks, but lets face it, one almost never packs the camera without any lens mounted. The depth difference of the 100D due to the mirror box.