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is Canon 15-85 worth getting - toni-a - 09-08-2016

Just found one on the used market for 250$ excellent condition, considering it for my travel and hiking later on, should I go for it ?

I am tempted by this one more than 18-135, dunno what explains the huge price difference, should I go for it ?

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - Brightcolours - 09-08-2016

You do have the 10-18mm, so the extra width of the 15-85 is not that important. The 18-135mm IS STM and nano USM offer the extra 85-135mm range. 

Not sure why the 15-85mm tempts you more. If price is important, the price is low. Do make sure it focusses accurately onyour 750D.

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - Klaus - 09-08-2016

As a single lens it would tempt me more than the 18-135mm.

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - Rainer - 09-08-2016

The 15-85 has a lot in common with the EF 24-105/4L used on a FF-camera.

Both have a really useful range, both have IS and USM ... both make

noticable compromises to provide the range they have ... but at the end of the

day, both are very useful lenses if you look for a one-lens-only kit.


If that is the case for you, the 15-85 might be a good idea, else I do not

see you having a big advantage over what you already have.


Just my thoughts .. Rainer

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - toni-a - 09-08-2016

I want this lens for my next week trip, I a,m considering traveling light this time

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - wim - 09-08-2016

It is a great lens on APS-C, and its 3 aspheric lenses give it sharpness into the corners, which is great.

Probably still one of the best relatively compact Canon APS-C standard zooms.


Things I personally do not like about this lens is the for me distinct sharpenss zones, which I reckon are caused by teh aspheric lenses. Sharp into the corners, yes, but clearly to me with a wavy sharpness pattern from center to corner, 3 areas actually, which is why I think it is casued by the 3 aspheric lenses, each optimally correcting for a different part of the frame. I am probably too much of a pixel-peeper, however.


One other thing I do not like is the way this lens renders, colourwise. Yes, that can be fixed in postprocessing (or even in-camera with specific jpeg settings). This is something I find is true for all Canon EF-S lenses however, and it is really a personal preference, nothing else.


HTH, kind regards, Wim

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - toni-a - 10-08-2016

Today In have to decide, the lens is mint condition, however what would it add over the already excellent 17-55 ?

I was considering it as allaround travel lens to keep my bag light and avoid swapping lenses, howeverI find it hard to get separated from my preferred lens.

My ex travel kit was 17-55 and I was quite happy with it 

now I think it will become 15-85 plus 50f1.4 

is it worth getting this lens.

Its price is 250$ 

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - jkp2505 - 10-08-2016

If you are mainly using it for moderately wide landscapes but don't want to have to keep changing lenses for everything else then it's probably a decent choice. For me it was always much too expensive considering it's only f3.5-5.6 but at the kind of price you mentioned it would be far more tempting even though I already have the 18-135mm STM.

The 10-18mm STM is so light though that if you are prepared to change lenses then you could use it in conjunction with something like the 18-135mm or Sigma 17-70mm that have advantages in speed or range but aren't great for wide-angle.

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - toni-a - 10-10-2016

Just got the lens, testing the lens, it is razor sharp, doing field test tomorrow, loved its zoom range

is Canon 15-85 worth getting - Guest - 10-12-2016

i prefer the olympus 12-60 by far; but that woudln't fit on your camera Sad (and yes I have owned and used both the 12-60 and canon 15-85)