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Nice commercial - Brightcolours - 06-17-2016



Not sure if the service is of the same level in the Netherlands, though.

Nice commercial - chrismiller - 06-17-2016


Nice commercial - Studor13 - 06-18-2016

I think they edited the bit where she inserted the SD card into the camera. There are four possible ways for a card to go in and I am certain that there is no way that a 90 year old woman could do it. Try getting a mico SD card in quickly?

Once upon a time when I used to be a programmer, a woman was trying to put in a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk into the newly arrived 3 1/2 drive. Since it obviously wasn't going to go in, she cut the disk with a pair of scissors until it fit.

True story. The Ad., I'm not so sure.

Nice commercial - Guest - 06-18-2016

While I've been impressed with canon-usa support in the past I'm not 100% sure they are quite that good Smile