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And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - Guest - 03-03-2016

Quote:I see, two China-experts debating  Big Grin None of us will change the working conditions there, right? You have no information about the place where the adapter is produced, neither have I. But the fellow hobby photog doesn't impress me much.


You would find it easier to convince it would have been wise to go Canon, if I want to use lenses on the Sony bodies, because now Sigma made an adapter capable of all AF modii, not only single AF (like the one from fellow hobbyist from Shenzhen  Wink ). I will not convince you not to buy in China, that's your decision and you will not convince me to buy an only half completed adapter (in terms of AF somebody else can experiment).


But together with Sigma's conversion service and their MC-11 adapter, for me it's cool to have the Sigma SD / Sony A7 option and abandon Nikon one day. Somehow Sigma knows <a class="bbc_url" href="http://www.dpreview.com/news/8547380272/cp-2016-sigma-mc-11-adapter-allows-dslr-lenses-full-range-of-af-modes-on-sony-bodies">how to make it work</a>

I wouldn't say I'm an expert, though I have been to Shenzhen many times and happen to know a thing or two about the place.

Granted sigma adapter looks nice, but you cannot use nikon glasses. I guess the adapter is useful to people who don't want to abandon Nikon

And making Nikkor lens Af on Sony is quite more difficult, that's why you don't see a lot of them. I like the inventiveness behind these individuals who make things happen, and wouldn't stereotype people if I could.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - JJ_SO - 03-03-2016

The most successful adapting happens with Canon glass on Sony.


So, from my perspective:
  • Nikon users can wait until Nikon comes up with something mirrorless and F-mount. And if so, enjoy the endless plains of menus and sub-menus, but the good news: Sony hasn't a better attempt.
  • Nikon users can learn to live with a couple of limits when using a Sony - no eye-AF is something we Nikon users don't know much about, we're just with face-detection and to be honest, I don't trust these hasty phase-detection AF units much accuracy
  • Although Sony has a good concept, at some spots they are just "not there" - and we Nikon users can happily use our stuff furtheron.
So if one comes up with something similar to the Sigma/Canon - Sony adapter: Great, wake me up, please. All other adaptors I just pass. I already lost track of who is making adapters and what are they not doing.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - stoppingdown - 03-04-2016



Just waiting for some deeper reviews, and not only related to video... Please let us see action.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - stoppingdown - 03-22-2016

As expected, Sigma said that they will never make a similar adapter for the Nikon mount:




Which confirms JoJu's comments above.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - JJ_SO - 03-22-2016

I am looking forward to your experiences with the Sigma/Canon lens and the adapter for Sony. If it really allows Continuous AF, you're ready for everything! I'm a little bit envy.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - stoppingdown - 03-22-2016

Let's just hope that (a) Sigma doesn't delay the availability of the adapter and (b ) I'm in a good position in the pre-orders at Amazon (I assume they'll serve first in, first out). It's a strange feeling to have the big beast on the table, a relatively good weather outside and not being able to use it. :-) OTOH the manual adapter has been sent this morning; I only hope I'll get it before Easter.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - JJ_SO - 03-22-2016

For a) I would not rely too much on that - I just wish you good luck and think about to wish you enough patience as well. In the meantime, you could send in the Sigma to update the firmware if you don't own a USB-dock. It's defintely worth to do.

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - stoppingdown - 03-22-2016

The Sigma USB Dock for Canon costs less than 50€ at Amazon... I suppose it's worth the price. The courier for sending the lens to the upgrade center would probably cost the same... or even more.

BTW: I read a 120-300 f/2.8 review, with the dock, that explained some user settings that can be programmed and the recalled with the specific button. I see that the 150-600 has that button too. Is this useful stuff?

And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon - JJ_SO - 03-22-2016

Honestly: I did "program" two settings, a "more fast and speedy" one and a "more precise" one - but so far I a) don't notice much of  a huge difference and b) am not sure which was the speedy one, 1 or 2?   :unsure: If in doubt, I keep that switch on 0. You can also program max. and min. distances.


I'm not a big hero in memorizing settings of lenses or bodies I don't use 8 hours a day. This includes that lens, a Fuji X-E2 with no lens than 8 customizable buttons, the epic menu of a D810, the custom keys of my Wacom tablet and a couple of other devices. All share in common that I need my two braincells already to cook coffee and find the right way in my pants.  <_<