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no sample images in Canon 24mm STM review ?
Quote:And I can fake the sample images of all other lenses with my EXIF editor. 
And your point is...... ?
I tried to keep my mouth shut, and again I fail.  :mellow:


To me the sample pictures delivered with the test are the genuine jobs of the two testers Klaus and Markus. To me, that makes the samples comparable (within the brands). They have a certain style and certain skills, the cameras are more or less the same since ages. If now members of the PZ / OL forum contribute their pictures, someone would need to do the same job like they do - check for samples which say something realistic and meaningful. The basic idea of toni-A is trying to help, my concern is a wider spread in terms of quality which at the end doesn't give a good enough reference. RAW files are only one part of that story, again, someone needs to export them to JPGs. Also, Klaus and Markust test their samples - I haven't checked a single copy for decenterring, so I'm out anyway.


I still think, we have the possibility to contribute our test shots when a lens in question got it's verdict. And, given the quality of today's lenses, the only take away from samples to me is "acceptable bokeh?" For everything else, like AF-speed, flare resistance, reliable AF there's so much different sources of influence - in general I only rely on my own test shots.

Quote:And your point is...... ?
That supplying "sample images" by readers is a silly idea.
Quote:That supplying "sample images" by readers is a silly idea.
Nevertheless, it's not unprecedented here.  Wink Besides, would you not trust yourself to do this?  Big Grin
You mean "silly ideas"? True, we can come up with each desired quantity of them  Big Grin


I can't speak for BC, but I would not trust myself. In my experience it is very likely to miss some aspects when I do testings - some focus test rows I did twice. That's were skills and routine come in.

Quote:Nevertheless, it's not unprecedented here.  Wink Besides, would you not trust yourself to do this?  Big Grin
When Klaus tested a lens from a reader, and the reader supplied images from the actual tested lens, yes.


I would not trust a number of fanboys to not increase contrast, or sharpen a bit, or get rid of CA.
Maybe it's fair enough - after 14 years in the profession, I still fret over every article I write, expecting to fail somehow and get the thousands of readers misled.


Though I still have a lot of "good" pictures done with that 24-85, although all of them were shot in JPEG.  Huh

I was proposing because it did happen before, for Canon 70-300 full frame review, sample images were kindly provided by Jerry Kooyman. You can check the review and verify yourselves.
And the tested lens was Jerry Kooyman's, right?

Review by Klaus Schroiff, published November 2010

Lens kindly provided for testing purposes by Christoph Siegwart!


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