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PowerShot G1 X Mark III an interesting compact camera with a good sensor
The X-A5 is MILC, of course. Just as boring as a Canon EOS M6? But probably a bit better corner performance with that 16-60mm compared to Canon's EF-M 15-45mm? Only the Canon lens is considerably more compact. 

Yes, haven't seen the MILC (I'm not famiilar with the Fuji naming code and just to prevent anybody making me familiar: I really don't care much about the differences). Anyway, than it's only the lens which makes the quality. I really think the G1 X III makes a pretty decent "always with me" camera.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (sorry for making you familiar anyway).

I agree that the G1-X III makes a pretty nice camera, especially for video with its DPAF and its swivel screen, and small size. And even its relative weather sealing. It is a tad smaller than the EOS M5 with 15-45mm lens, about the size of the original EOS M + 22mm f2. But it includes an EVF and that swivel screen, which my EOS M does not (and obviously also does not have the 24mp sensor, nor the DPAF).

Oh, it was not the term MILC, it was about all that Fuji X-E, X-A, X-T, X-100, X-70, X-whatever, that's the stuff I'm not able to explain to somebody else, being (and hopefully remaning to be) A, 100, 70 my blind spot

Ah right, I misread your post. I too am not clear on Fuji's nomenclature... They use the X for X-mount cameras... and everything else except the GXF. Oh wait, that has an X too.

Some time ago, the X stood for X-Trans sensor. With the GFX-series not any longer. I'm wondering if they will offer to exchange MF-sensors once they get more MP, but I guess a new body won't be much more expensive.

The mess called X-Trans. ( <a>,</a&gt; ).


GXF was not the first, though..That whole X-A series is bayer, isn't it?

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