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next PZ lens test report: Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8
In your description of the Touit 12 mm you didn't talk much about the nicely shaped, but badly designed lenshood. So far, it's the worst I've had to use during the last 6 years. It has lots of resistance and I'm always afraid to break it. At this price, that was a bit of a surprise.  <_<

What are you doing to your lens hoods?  :lol:


The lens hood from the 100-400mm is also not hot IMHO but I am not religious there.

Occassionally I try to use them. The 100-400 hood is a pleasure to use compared to this touit yoghurt-beaker...
Regarding the focus ring on the 100-400 - what is your issue there?

You have to turn forever to change a setting but as such it's darn accurate.

Other than that? I think the aperture ring feels cheap.

"You have to turn forever" is my issue - sorry, I didn't see your reply earlier.


Also, I nearly can't recognize the mark on the distance scale, so I sometimes don't know where the lens is focussed. But that's a display issue. I like to have it accurate when I turn the ring slooooowly and quickly, when I turn the ring fassssst. There has to be a kind of sensor to couple the focus-by-wire-ring with the 3 drives of the AF. So, all I want is an acceleration algorithm, which speeds up the drives. I find the AF pretty quick in good light, so it can go fast and I don't see a very good reason for all time snail speed.


Beside of this rant I'm looking forward to see how it works with X-T2 Smile


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