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Fuji X-T1 announced
Looks beautiful. In my opinion that's how a retro-style camera should look like (unlike the Nikon Df actually)... I hope they make a silver/black version also.


I can count many + points (a decent EVF, manual focus aids, innovative color filter, beautiful design, small and light body with an APS-C sensor etc..), but I still can't help thinking about two things:


1) Is this a major leap from x-pro1?

2) Raw processing quality with mainstream applications



Quote:2) Raw processing quality with mainstream applications

I think this point is overrated. You can get very decent results with Lightroom, but you have to use different sharpening parameters than usual. Aperture does a good job,too. Also, fujirumors reported that Adobe is going to implement better support for x-trans cameras in the next Lightroom (and I guess camera raw) update.
Quote:1) Is this a major leap from x-pro1?

2) Raw processing quality with mainstream applications

There is one new thing that appears to have passed under the radar a bit: the Fuji X-T1 has AF tracking and Focus tracking even at 8fps. We're talking DSLR territory here. The X-Pro1 had 3fps and 6fps settings, both with fixed focus. If you are going to take pictures of birds, kids or sports, that is a huge improvement.


Weather sealing and improved ergonomics are always good as well.


As for the RAW, Lightroom is ok, Capture One and Photo Ninja both do great jobs with the X-trans.

There's supposed to be a new LR/ACR version soon.

Honestly LR/ACR is quite fine today already IMHO.

I have very recently purchased the X-T1 with the 18-55, 23 & 56mm lenses (27mm is still on the way from the U.S.). Smile

The camera and the lenses are great and very well made (no issues with QC noted so far, but I will check the lenses more thoroughly soon). Some minor issues though:


- AF is very quick, but can also be quirky sometimes. Face detection is great if it works, but it sometimes struggles to recognize faces. Overall, the E-M1 does a better job and I think the 6D, D800 & 5DIII do too (not sure about D610 though, many say the AF is pretty crappy on this one).

- There is an option to speed up the AF and the camera in general, which is disabled by default. Enabling it hits battery life, but I still have to figure out if it's worth it. 

- The EVF is very good. However, I am wearing glasses and had some problems with sunlight entering from the side when trying to look throught the EVF. I'm hoping for a third-party eyecup to fix this. 

- The buttons on the back of the camera take some getting used to, but imho they are not as bad as some reports suggest.


I am still getting used to the camera and the lenses so my opinion might evolve over time  Wink

Be sure to check your camera for light leak (if tethering matters to you). There has been reports that there is an issue when the usb (I think) is used for long exposures light will leak in (sony a7(r?) also has a light leak issue).


Also you might want to check the sensor for dust (picture of wall out of focus or sky I think is the typical way with lens stopped down). There are reports of QC issues with dust behind (i.e, cannot be cleaned) glass plate on the sensor.

Thanks for these hints. I did some quick tests and it seems my camera is not affected those two issues.

Also tested the "high performance"-setting today and it hits battery life severely (below 100 shots per battery). I think this mode is only an option for special occassions (e.g sports event) with the vertical grip attached and/or spare batteries at hand. But honestly, the X-T1 is already quick enough in "normal" mode.
Are you happy with the camera and how loud is the shutter? I've been thinking about maybe giving one a try but wanted to wait till after the 56f1.2 is out and fuji runs another promotional - maybe june if i am lucky.

I am quite happy with the camera, but I think it's still too early for a final judgement. Need to shoot some more with it. 


The shutter is pretty quiet. Definitely quieter than my other cameras (D3100, F80, OM10 - all of which are not that loud either). I think the X-T1 with the 27mm will be a very nice & unobtrusive combo, but unfortunately my 27mm is delayed (again) due to customs clearance...  :wacko:


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