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seriously considering 7D mkii
I think it makes more sense to ditch the 750D APS-C for the 80D, than to change the 5D FF for it. You won't get much for the 5D, and it does give you the more shallow DOF FF option when needed. Unless you want to make someone happy by giving away the 5D with one or two lenses, of course.


The 80D is significantly lighter than the 7D mk II. The 7D offers higher FPS (10 vs 7), but I do not think that is something you worry about. The 80D offers continuous AF in live view (Ai-Servo), the 7D mk II does not. The 7D mk II offers ITR in OVF shooting, the 80D does not.


All in all, the 80D seems like a better choice for your usage. But both are pretty neat upgrades to what you currently have. And you may find that you won't need AFMA of either camera.

Quote:. The 7D mk II offers ITR in OVF shooting, the 80D does not.

Can you explain the abbreviations ?
canon itr

ovf camera

Since I shoot a lot of portraits. Having an autofocus that recognizes faces and follows them is an essential feature and a game changer, does it work well? Is it as good as face recognition in live view mode ?
I very much disagree that it is essential, it is not as if portraits are hard to do and were not possible before such features.

You can find info on how and how well each work by googling.

Got the 7D MKii  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

first tests to be done tonight, Thursday is a holiday here so I will be able to conduct serious field testing 

The 7D mk2 is quite awesome.

I'm sure you will enjoy your nice 7D MKII........

........have fun with it!
First impressions with 7Dmkii, along with 17-55f2.8 are very positive. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Tried it at home taking pictures of my little daughter, AF is outstanding what I liked most is when engaging all AF points in AI servo the camera choses the AF points covering Catherine's face, no need to change AF points or AF points group when switching camera from portrait to landscape orientation, also AF tracking works quite nice, although she was moving all the time all the shots are in sharp focus, such a performance I didn't see in any camera I used before even 5Dmkiii.

I did one A5 (15x21) ISO 1600 print and the quality is very decent, rich colors, noise is practically a non issue.
Enjoy your 7D2!


I went out hiking this weekend, shooting some fall foliage with my T6i and 17-55/2.8.  Most of my photos are severely front focused.  I was shooting with a B&W CPL.  I have noticed that the AF accuracy goes way down when the CPL is on.  When I got home I noticed some big smudges on the filter.  My theory now is that any smudges, condensation, or anything like that throws off the T6i AF.  It seems that the camera drives the lens to minimum focus distance, gets a focus confirmation somehow, and then goes ahead with the exposure. 

I wish focus confirmation had a real check for focus.  I would prefer focus hunting over instantaneously shooting a photo out of focus.

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