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Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 ...
Come on, Klaus, it may just be another 5 star lens for your collection. Smile

5 stars for an 65mm f2 lens which has too small a back element so it has cats eye issues and strong vignetting? That is a bit too much I think.
And the non-macro background bokeh is not at all smooth, actually... More akin to my EF 35mm f2.

A nice looking lens, though. But I would not get one, because of its crappy bokeh which does not suit the reason for the lens.
"Crappy bokeh"? Are we looking at the same images?

[Image: Voigtlander_65mm_F2_Apro_Macro-1-10.jpg]

Just as smooth as my non-smooth Nikkor and Canon 55mm f1.2 lenses. But those are old, go to f1.2 and are not macro lenses.




The "everything in the background is made out of small circles" crap my 35mm f2 produces too at such focus distances. Only my Nikkor 50mm f2 does worse?

For a macro lens i think it is kinda crappy. Nothing good about it, anyway.

Close up bokeh looks good, but the same with my 35mm f2. And my Nikkor 85mm f1.8, 135mm f2.8, who actually do very smooth close up bokeh, but get worse when you focus further out.

the sun stars are nice, agree the Bokeh quality for distant object appears a little rough.

Yeah, but distant objects are not the main targets for a macro lens, then. I also discovered a picture with massive cat's eye highlights, but it looked at least aesthetically interesting  ^_^

Let's not mix up quantity and quality of blur. In the shots above, the quantity is limited because of the subjects.

The bokeh is a little rough and suffers from vignetting, which makes it look curly in some shots. Still, far from "crappy" in my eyes.

Admittedly, though, I was hoping for more. As probably anyone else knowing the SL 125 got too excited when they announced a new "APO Lanthar"...

actually looking at the sample photos again I think I was being far too harsh saying the Bokeh was rough. Its actually pretty nice in the majority of the photos, just not perfect in a couple. I think we're being spoilt with the latest APD lenses

      Voigtlander build nicely constructed lenses, only this ones not a bargain at it's price point.....'s ratio at 1:2 is disappointing and the bokeh in the above shot is average....however I don't worry too much about vignetting "à la Zeiss" and it does do nice star bursts and is F2.......


  most macro are is it all about the build?

Well... it looks like it would've been another 5* lens (optically) if it had been tested at PZ...

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