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More camera company sales... Hasselblad
Not only Pentax was sold, so is Hasselblad:


Kind regards, Wim
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[quote name='wim' timestamp='1309520997' post='9697']

Not only Pentax was sold, so is Hasselblad:


Kind regards, Wim


Interesting... I didn't know that Hasselblad was owned by a company rooted in Hong-Kong. The previous owner was a service company which deals with bringing imaging products (from Hasselblad, Zeiss, Cokin etc.) to various markets... Frankly, I think it's from one pocket (Asia) to another (Europa), but the new europanian company seems to be focused more on "capital" side of the business. I hope they won't let the brand die...

"Furthermore, we plan to develop Hasselblad cameras to appeal to a wider circle of ambitious photographers," said Helmut Vorndran, managing partner and CEO of Ventizz Capital Partners.

Hmm.. that can mean two thing. It can mean they will develop a wider range of capabilities and lenses, or it can mean they will develop way more affordable solutions.

I think only much more affordable prices will be able to make them profitable, economics of scale...

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